Tailz Devil Tail Anal Plug And Horns Set 2pc – Black


Act out your most devilish fantasies with this set of demonic toys! Transform into the hottest demon in the bedroom with the long demon tail butt plug and kinky devil horn headband! This sinfully sexy duo are built for role play – combine with sexy lingerie, colored contacts, and your choice of restraints for a hell of a good time.The bendy Devil Tail butt plug ends in a kinky arrowhead tip, typical of most demons, and features a deliciously supple red silicone butt plug! Tapered with a narrow neck for comfortable insertion and easy on your hole during extended wear – perfect for walking around the house and tempting your human subject into nefarious activities. Compatible with water based lubricants only!The meaty tail itself is plush and flexible, with a decent amount of weight to pull down against your asshole to stimulate you with every movement. Have your human plaything pull on your tail when things get hot and heavy for even more backdoor stimulation!The included Devil Horns slip on most head sizes, completing your demonic look and giving you an evil silhouette for your lover to enjoy. The mesh material is lightweight for comfortable extended wear. Pair these horns with your darkest set of lingerie or leather harness – Perfect for men and women alike.


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